Meet our Amazing Team of Instructors!

Our Expert Teachers!

There’s no better defense than a mind filled with the power of knowledge!

Grandmaster Roser

Owner/Chief Instructor

Grandmaster Roser has a long and interesting career as a martial artist & military instructor…

John Ellett

Assistant Instructor

Mr. Ellett has been training with us since the opening of the Texas School. Hapkido has become vital in his career as a medical professional…

Bryan Hamm

Senior Instructor

Mr. Hamm has been with us since our first US school in 2000. An exceptional instructor of high integrity…

Larry Rittenhouse


Mr. Rittenhouse has been practicing Hapkido for quite a while, in his career in law enforcement has found it to be extremely helpful in his safety and confidence…

Don Wilhelmus

Assistant Instructor

As a Navy Commander, Mr. Wilhelmus has always been involved in the world of leadership…