welcome to

Plano’s Ultimate

Self Defense

There is nothing better than being empowered with a self-defense against absolutely any kind of adversary.

welcome to

Plano’s Ultimate

Self Defense School

Can there be anything better than being able to set up a self-defense against absolutely any kind of adversary?

Discover the results you’ve been searching for!

We offer you a week of classes for free. Why? It’s not a sales pitch!
Allow us the chance to prove to you the effectiveness & fitness a reality self defense can provide.
You want to feel good about yourself as well as safe and secure?
Let us introduce you to the family and martial art you’ll fall in love with.

Meet our amazing Instructors

They’re here for your success!!

There’s no better defense than a mind of POWER full of KNOWLEDGE with a STRONG HEALTHY BODY!

Don Wilhelmus

Assistant Instructor

Larry Rittenhouse

Assistant Instructor

John Ellett

Assistant Instructor


Self Defense
Just for YOU!

With our main martial arts classes staying the same, sometimes we
introduce special sub-classes.


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Mighty Eagles

Children’s Classes
Ages 8 to 12

Your kids will gain Focus, Discipline, Honor, Integrity, Self Control
A great way to have a Strong Healthy Mind and Body!
We are not a sport focused school. We are traditional and reality based.



new classes

Open Enrollment

all year long!

Have you always been nervous about starting something new?
The benefits of starting now are a better you now!



Our Testimonials

People Always Have Something Nice to Say About Us

During my college years I was a little bit into kickboxing. A lot of time has passed since then and I have never practiced any martial art, until now. The Hapkido classes held here have really captured my heart after a friend of mine invited me. Now I attend on an almost regular basis. Grandmaster Roser’s teaching method is easy to recall what I’ve learned…

— Jane Basphalt