John Ellett

John Ellett

4 years ago at Pastor Randy Speed’s insistence, I attended what turned out to be my introduction to Grand Master Roser and Hapkido. I was 49 years old without a good fitness regiment. The first few classes where extremely awkward for me even, among people I was familiar with. My confidence in my and our ability grew with each session. Just getting past the warm ups was a success! With no prior training in the martial arts my classmates and I where strongly encourage by GMR and his family. The techniques when viewed are very deceptively lethal and require substantial feel to not injure training partners. We have all kinds of different body types n class and with practice Hapkido is very effective to defend yourself. Who would attack you if they knew there would become the victim of some one who defended themselves. The confidence and physical improvement of strength flexibility and reduction of back pain are incredible. The fellowship and friendships that have developed make us all family! I would encourage everyone to make the time to attend our school. We all struggle to manage our time.  I am always dissappointed when I cannot attend class now.  Thank You for my Family at Roser Martial Arts School!

John is experienced in the following martial arts and fields:

  • Hapkiyoosool/Hapkido