Grandmaster Roser

Grandmaster Gottfried Roser
Owner/Chief Instructor

GM Roser has a long and very interesting career in martial arts beginning in 1976 and military beginning after college…

It began in 1976 when Gottfried Roser was new to his school as his family had just moved to a new town in Central Texas. There was also another new student there named Jung and they became friends from the get go. As they walked home from school that day, a group of older kids a few grades higher blocked their path and started to bully them. As the first bigger kid grabbed Jung due to his smaller size, Jung made quick work of the bigger boy, twisting and throwing the bigger boy to the ground very hard. The other bigger boys stared in amazement as Gottfried and Jung made their escape. The two boys ran as fast as they could crying the whole way home to Jung’s house. Jung’s father was concerned for the bigger boy and so they went back to the school. Gottfried begged Jung’s father the whole way to the school to teach him. It all began in the yard and eventually the garage was transformed into a small private school for the neighborhood kids. That was 1976 and his life would never be the same.
Grandmaster Roser Fact: In 1975, Gottfried’s mother had married a Navy man and they moved to Texas. After the bullying continues due to his different name, in 1979 Gottfried was adopted by his step-father and he took his step-father’s name and became Jeffrey Allen.

After graduating high school in 1987 and while going to college, his life would change even further. Then Jeffrey Allen was recruited by the US Air Force and left for basic training at Lackland Air Force Base. Graduating from boot camp as an honor graduate he was accepted into intelligence school for Counter-Intelligence(CI) and Human Intelligence(HUMINT) as a Battlefield Airman. After all his schooling, then Senior Airman Allen was deployed to Kuwait(1990) in support of Desert Storm. After his deployment to Desert Storm was over, Senior Airman Allen was stationed at Osan Air base in South Korea because of his Korean language abilities and knowledge of Korean culture. He lived in Korea for 10 straight years in the Air Force and as a private military contractor training very hard, every day. His many TDYs(temporary duty assignments in different countries during conflicts) allowed him to use his talents in real world scenarios saving his life numerous times.
Grandmaster Roser Fact:There was no “official” HUMINT job Specialty Code in the Air Force until 2016. The United States Air Force jobs description at that time for “Human Intelligence” HUMINT was an inclusion for careers of TACP, CCT and PJ.

Training in Korea for those 10 years made it possible to master an understanding of the art. In 1995, he tested and became an officially licensed instructor under Korean Government/Military regulations. While in Korea he was tasked to train both Korean and American military Counter-Terrorism and Hostage Rescue teams.
In March of 2001, just prior to the 911 tragedy in NY, he moved to the USA and opened a school of his own in Florida again getting the call to redeploy for combat in Iraq. Because of his situation with his Korean wife not speaking English and their children moving to a new area he was granted a hardship and deployed later as a private contractor. At his school in Florida, GM Roser was able to coordinate with other martial arts instructors. Along with Bob Wall and many other notable martial arts masters and military personnel, they all worked together to give back to the community in the AID program. In this program they taught a combined 33 airlines in counter-terrorism tactics and hand to hand combat for flight attendants and pilots in the airlines main hubs throughout the world. Deploying again to Germany to work as a private contractor for the German government in 2011, he once again took his German name of Gottfried Roser. Grandmaster Roser returned to Texas in 2014 opening a new school in Plano, Texas where he currently teaches.
In the time since 2000, his territory has been expanding as he continues to travel and teach seminars at schools as well as professional military personnel worldwide as a stakeholder in a Private Military Contracting company…

Grandmaster Roser has accomplished the following:

  • Hapkiyoosool/Hapkido Grandmaster with 43 Years Experience
  • Martial Arts Hall of Honors Inductee(2006)
  • Career in Military Intelligence
  • Worked with Special Operations
  • Private Military Contractor
  • Worked with Military Dogs
  • Firearms Expert Marksman
  • Husband
  • Father