Self Defense

Self Defense is at times confused with traditional martial arts but, they are a little different. Self Defense is basically a modern rendering of traditional Korean Hapkido with application of the legal system in the USA. This makes self defense a street legal “martial art”. Self Defense is learned for protecting yourself at home, business or in a parking lot. The fact that self defense was constructed by self protection enthusiasts who may have one time been victims of violent crime or bullying makes sense that it is easy to learn and remember under stress… Though largely practiced for confidence building, team building and/or overall feeling secure, self defense also gains a lot of traction among women as well as men. This simplistic and effective style of Grandmaster Roser is making it a perfect choice for anyone who wants to learn straightforward self-defense without having to learn it for years. Literally can be used immediately but of course, practice makes permanent so practice perfectly with a world renown instructor like Grandmaster Roser.

Self Defense focuses on these main subjects:
  • Self Preservation
  • Rape prevention
  • Domestic Violence
  • Bullying
  • An overall feeling of confidence and security


Grandmaster Roser has been practicing the martial arts for 43 years starting at the age of 7… After he turned 18, He went to college and felt he didn’t know what he needed to know so he went to live in Korea for 10 years and trained every day. That experience of training with Grandmaster Chang has further contributed to Grandmaster Roser’s desire to open his own school and someday his own organization – this dream came true for him in 2000 when he moved to the USA and opened a school in Florida. Excelling in popularity and demand for worldwide seminars, GM Roser eventually found himself in the top 1% of martial artists worldwide…

Self Defense Pricing

  • 4 Saturday classes per month     $69.00
  • 8 classes per month     $109.00
  • Unlimited classes per month     $139.00

Reasons that people sign up for Hapkido vary

We understand why you want to learn self-defense, living in such a increasingly dangerous world.

See some Pictures our Instructors & Students Have Taken During Classes…