Mighty Eagles

Mighty Eagles

While a majority of our martial arts school students are grown-ups, we’ve always wanted to start accepting younger apprentices as well… When Grandmaster Roser opened his school in the USA, the decision was finally made. As of now, we’ve been hosting child Hapkido classes for more than 17 years. During that time we’ve seen more than 1200 kids graduate from our martial arts school! Helping a youngster get a real world grip as early as possible is one of the best things any parent can do! We’re sure, that regardless of whether your child is a boy or a girl, knowing a good self-defense style will always be of help and will serve as a great laying foundation for their overall state of fitness and health both in body and mind! This martial arts class focuses on the following methods and positions:

  • Traditional Hapkido classes
  • Confidence and Self Control
  • Fitness, Focus and Anti-Bullying

Class Price List

  • Monthly Tuition     $99.00

Reasons that make people sign up for a martial arts class can vary

Wanting to feel more confident and safe where you work, shop and live…

 Pictures our Instructors & Students Have Taken During Class…