Adult Hapkido

Roser Martial Arts Center is
Plano’s #1 Self Defense School!

Hapkido uses and an all-round set of both offense and defense techniques.

Based on anatomy, physiology, psychology, physics and geometry, Hapkido is a Korean martial art that is similar to Japanese aikijujutsu and Chinese Bagua.

The big part of Hapkido lies within its adaptability to circumstances and its wide usage of basically any objects as either a weapon or a force multiplier.

Hapkido focuses
on 5 Elements:
  • Anatomy(learning the body parts and where they are)
  • Physiology(learning how the systems of the body work with and against each other)
  • Psychology(how the mind reacts to stimuli and how to control your emotions)
  • Physics(energy and how it is stored, released and flows)
  • Geometry(angles of attack and defense, how to redirect physical energy)

Classes Pricing:

  • 8 classes per month     $109.00
  • 8 classes per month     $159.00(without membership)
  • Unlimited classes per month     $139.00
  • Unlimited classes per month     $199.00(without membership)
  • Membership students; Self Defense Saturdays are FREE for the whole family(immediate family only)


Chief Instructor

As a military intelligence operator and a NCO of his flight, GM Roser has always been involved in the world of martial arts… It all began for him in 1976 in Hapkiyoosool, he’s been practicing this since he was 7 years old. Eventually, after retiring from the military, GM Roser began his life-long dream of opening his own school, which ultimately got him inducted in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame(2006). He’s known among his military buddies as “Rooster”, and he has the highest rank obtainable in Hapkiyoosool. We just call him “Sir!”

Reasons that people sign up for a martial arts class vary

You’re smart to learn self-defense, the world is an increasingly dangerous place.

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