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  • Our students learn not only the technical and physical applications of Hapkiyoosool, they also learn self-discipline, diligence and persistence. Our goal is for our students to become the powerful beings they were created to be!

  • Dedicated to maintaining the traditional roots of Hapkiyoosool(Hapkido) in a modern world

The Philosophy of Hapkiyoosool

The study of physics, geometry, psychology, and physiology are the foundation of a very important program when studying Hapkiyoosool.

Many people would categorize Hapkiyoosool as a scientific martial art.
Its every aspect is geared towards the single purpose of incapacitating
an attacker in the most efficient and thorough manner possible.
The techniques use physics, geometry, psychology, and physiology.
The results of the techniques are evasion, immobilization [pins], and projection [throws]

~GM Gottfried Roser

Our Testimonials

People Always Have Something Nice to Say About Us

During my college years I was a little bit into boxing. But a lot of time has passed since then, so I was not practicing any martial art, until recently. The kickboxing classes held here have captured my interest after a friend of mine told me about it. Now I attend those on an almost regular basis, trying to recall what I’ve learned before…
- Jane Basphalt