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While the story of his martial arts school is not as tumultuous and vivid as some stories out of ancient Chinese or Japanese epoch tales, still we have more than 20 years of our proud history… It was in 1996 when Master Gottfried Roser was still considering whether to continue college towards getting a PhD in Psychology or pursue a career of teaching martial arts for the living. Luckily for the thousands of students he has taught since, Master Roser decided that opening a school of his own would be the best decision. During the last 30+ years Master Roser has achieved a tremendous level of success, helping thousands of individuals in becoming more empowered, fit, healthy and mind-balanced!

Master Roser has joined forces with Masters Greg and Shannon Adkins of Action Martial Arts in Allen, Texas and with a combined 80 years of teaching, there is an absolute amazing synergy between them as they energize each other and provide the students with the most unique and exciting training in the entire North Texas area.

Currently at Action Martial Arts we offer:

  • Master Roser’s Hapkiyoosool (Korean Aikijujutsu)
  • Master Adkins very traditional Taekwondo
  • Kids classes
  • Youth Classes
  • Adult Classes
  • Special self defense classes and seminars.
Very simple! We specialize in what we do to be the best at it just for you!

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During my college years I was a little bit into martial arts. But a lot of time has passed since then, so I was not practicing any martial art, until recently. I attended one class here and the classes held here have captured my interest and heart after a friend of mine told me about it. Now I attend classes on a pretty regular basis…
– Jane B.

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