Master Gottfried Roser

Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee Master Gottfried Roser began Hapkiyoosool training in 1976. He lived, learned, and taught at the headquarters in Korea for 10 years. In the top 1% of martial artists in the world, he is the foremost talented, skilled, and highly educated Hapkiyoosool instructor in the world today with 38+ years experience. Master Roser is prior military intelligence and continues instructing Military Special Operations and other governmental personnel.
He has a world renowned reputation as a traditional martial arts instructor with a no-frills approach to serious, progressive practice of real-world focused and his application effectiveness is unmistakable. We live in a modern world and his unique style of techniques and teaching have proven to adapt to every new and rising situation. He continually keeps up with modern times while upholding the traditional martial art of battlefield effectiveness.