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Around here, Martial Arts is a way of life. We love the fast-paced classes, the enhanced physical fitness, and the super cool moves but…while self-defense and fitness are important, we found that there is another piece to the puzzle.

A piece that rounds out the stellar physical benefits in a way that few organized sports can.

That may come as a surprise since most people think martial arts is about learning to “fight” or “defend.” It’s true that it’s a powerful tool to keep you and your family safe from harm but that’s only one aspect of it.


So what is the deeper, truer meaning of martial arts?

Balance. Specifically, inner-balance: the connection of body, mind, and spirit, into one force.

In today’s information overloaded, go-go-go world these three parts of ourselves have gotten very separated. Most of our days are spent stimulating our minds, which is great! But… what about the body?

We’re bombarded constantly by information coming from Computers, TV, and social media. So, what’s the solution? Give up all digital sources of entertainment completely? Certainly not.

The answer is balance. Balance of body, mind, and spirit.



In ancient Martial Arts systems they actually have three very distinct words for this balance. They are Jing (your physical energy), Qi (your breath energy), and Shen (your spirit/ consciousness/ability to be happy within yourself).

With Martial Arts, you will improve in all areas of your life because the foundation was created to be a lifestyle full of abundant health and happiness. How amazing is that?!

When you’re training in our classes, on the surface it may seem like you’re just having fun, getting a great workout, and learning challenging, exciting new techniques. But beneath that, we’re also working on your connection to body, mind, and spirit, helping you and your kids become stronger on the inside, too.


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